Fast Advice To Help Get Pests Out Of Your Home Now

Written by Galen

July 1, 2022

Keep Pests Out Of Your House

Almost every homeowner has to deal with pest control issues at some point in time. To keep pest out, you must learn about proper pest control techniques and strategies. Armed with proper knowledge you can protect your family from pest invasion.

Use Steel Wool To Fill Holes

Dutchboy Pest control suggests you use steel wool to fill mouse holes. Steel wool is too tough for any pest to chew through, even rats and mice. All openings greater than a 1/2 inch must be stuffed. The pests can enter your home through very small openings.

Vacuum Often

If you are seeing bugs, make sure to vacuum your rugs often. This will pick up all the ants and bugs that are in your den, kitchen and living room. Be sure to toss the vacuum bag when finished.

Drain The Fruit Flies

Do you have a recurring problem with fruit flies? They may be living in your sink drains. Tape some plastic over it for several days to see if any fruit flies appear. If some do appear, drop boiling water into the drain and then scrub well. Doing this should get rid of the fruit flies completely.

Building Codes

You have to know the ordinances and building codes in order to know what pest control treatments are allowed. Depending on the codes, spraying a chemical that has been locally banned can hurt you if you ever attempt to sell your home. That is rare, but it should make you research which products are successful and allowed.

Seal Your Cracks

Locate any cracks or crevices and seal them as soon as possible. Insects, and even small rodents, will use these cracks to get into your home, no matter how small these cracks are. The best fix for this is to seal these entrances off so they can not re-enter.

Have a rodent problem? You must inspect your home for tiny cracks that animals can squeeze through. Cover these openings with scouring pads or use poison in these areas. Repellents may also work.

Use Pastel Lighting

Outside lights have their advantages but you should know these lights will attract pests. Use pastel-colored light bulbs in outside lights to keep bugs away.

Know Your Pesticides

If you struggle with pests, then your solution could be easier than you realize. Consult a professional at your local Lowe’s or other home improvement store. These people will be aware of which pesticides will be effective on your specific pests.

Get Rid Of Dead Wood

Dispose of fallen trees around your yard. Cut them up and use the pieces for firewood. Use it yourself, make some money off it, or give it to people for free. Make sure you don’t forget about the stump. This dead wood will also attract termites.

Check Your Camper or RV

Sometimes rats and mice decide that your stored camper or travel trailer would make a nice winter home. There are natural repellents which are very effective at discouraging the unwanted guests. Bags of repellents that smell good aren’t poisonous, but keep mice out of your camper or RV.

As mentioned before, most people must confront the topic of pest control during their lifetimes. Follow the tips we have outlined here to help keep your home pest-free. Don’t let the pests make the first move. Take action now.

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